Food and Beverages

Sustaining our bodies, bringing people together and binding our cultures to humanity.

From the moment we enter this world we have within us the architecture for creating wonders with the ingredients we use to sustain ourselves. Our lives are bound to the food we eat and the time spent on this simple activity transforms the process into an art form. From the simplest body of water come endless possibilities, from infusions to the brewing of beer.

Our culture and humanity are currently being pressured to change. We are faced daily with new challenges and choices when it comes to keeping those around us safe. This pandemic requires us to balance life with freedom and both of those sit on the fabric woven of different countries. We are working collectively toward a universal set of Protocols that will help us all maintain our existence on this planet.


Our Patrons and Guests

The people that come to sit at our tables and share our spaces afford us the luxury of facilitating one of the most interesting facets of our culture. You are the life that flows through our doors and stimulates the economy of crafting, catering and culinary expertise applied to our Industry. We are here to keep the culture alive while at the same time ensuring your safety in our spaces is maintained through update Protocols relevant to the challenges we face today.

Our staff, crews and family

We thank you all for participating in this wonderful process of providing for others and serving the people around you. Many of our spaces involve families who have been in the service industry for decades and for many they are about to embark on a journey through the catering space. With your assistance in implementing the updated Protocols we are able to protect those working in our space as well as the people who sit at our tables.

To our owners, entrepreneurs and heads of sectors

Thank you all for standing with our Industry and the many sectors within our Restaurant and catering family. Your dedicated work in implementing the Protocols during this difficult time inspires the world and creates a safer space for us all to operate within.

Dining at a Restaurant in Level 3 Lockdown


New Guidelines, in effect from 29 June, 2020.

Science & Medicine

The formation of Protocols are based on scientific evidence from various fields and the implementation is to go through public testing and sustainability studies. Protocols are about saving lives and protecting the public and private sectors.

Compassion & Ethics

In considering the implementation and use of Protocols we put People First as lives are at stake. Ethical considerations are to form a baseline in terms of the sharing of information and the use of data to form the needed Protocol measures.

Technology & Monitoring

The use of Technology fundamentally changes how effectively we are able to implement Protocols and then monitor their effectiveness. Monitoring data and the ever changing direction of the challenges we face in the world determines the speed of our response.

The Covid Protocols series are a collaboration between Hello Adventures and Khotso from Southern Xplorer to offer YOU a behind-the-scenes look at what tourism businesses in South Africa are doing to get travel-ready during the Covid19 pandemic.

The one above is "Covid Safety Protocols for Accommodation".

The other videos in this series are:
- 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel After Lockdown - Tips for Travelling in South Africa After Covid-19
- Travelling in 2020 and 2021 - 6 Tips for Travelling After the Covid-19 Lockdown
- Covid Safety Protocols for Airports

With safety protocols in place, as a traveller you’ll feel safer when you travel after lockdown, and as a tourism business you’ll know you’re ready to welcome guests as soon as possible.

Important Note: These protocols are guidelines, drawn up by the tourism industry in South Africa.
Surveys and studies are being put together by Youth Tourism South Africa in collaboration with the Department of Tourism and Events at CPUT in order to record the impact of COVID-19 on Tourism and Events.
Covid-19 Protocols documents and footage are there to advise the public on the regulations set our in Government documents.

Protocol guidelines

important things to know

The protocols being implemented worldwide and relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic are guidelines, measures and procedures formed by medical bodies, councils, and scientific research and study. It is advised that you consult directly with your Government or representative Council or Association before implementing any COVID-19 protocols. There are many legal implications if you implement measures that are not uniformly accepted worldwide. Currently the main reference point for all COVID-19 protocols is the World Health Organization -

Please seek legal assistance and oversight when developing or implementing any protocol measures.
This site and all related sites DO NOT in any way or form develop protocols and all protocols listed on the site are guidelines only, by the relevant representative organisation. This site is a Public Benefit page with the aim of studying the impact of COVID-19 on Tourism in South Africa.

Protocols South Africa

Tourism Industry Standard Protocols for COVID-19 Operations - by the Tourism Business Council South Africa (TBCSA)

COVID19 Reopening Guidance for the Restaurant Industry - by the Restaurant Association South Africa (RASA)

Re-Opening Guidelines for the Event Industry in South Africa - Covid-19 Safety and Prevention Measures - by the Event Safety Council (esc)

Protocols from Spain

UNE Specifications published to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 in the tourism sector

The Spanish Association for Standardisation (UNE), in collaboration with the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE), has published a series of Specifications, which establish the guidelines and recommendations for reducing the risk of the spread of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in the tourism sector. The Spanish Association for Standardization has made these documents open access, available free of charge to anyone to use. (Currently only Spanish versions are available; we are working on English translations.)

UNE-6600-5: Restaurants and Catering Services (in Spanish)

Protocols from Kenya

Magical Kenya - Tourism and Travel Health and Safety Protocols


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